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$xx.00+ $7.00

$12.50 / $25.00 / $55.00

$14.00 / $25.00 / $55.00 / SQ

Order cost plus $7.00 delivery

Flower Bouquets 

You can just give us a budget, or a specific request including a card, which we will fill from a local florist. We charge $7.00 delivery and admin fee on top of what the florist charges, and we will place it in your home or deliver to your door or cleaning service provider.   

Welcome Fruit Basket

We create delicious fruit baskets with seasonal fruits and berries for your guest suite, delivered to your door suite or cleaning service provider. 3 sizes Small Medium and Large, One day lead time 

Chocolates and Candy

Chocolates Candy or Nuts, with a special note for your guests also 3 sizes and selections Please inform us of allergies and preferences and we can tailor the amenity to suit you. Or select a size of our premade baskets 

Grocery or anything package

Coffee, Tea, Milk, Sugar. Eggs, Bacon, Toast, Cereal. anything from a supermarket or shop nearby that can be carried in a bag. (except alcohol) Send us a list we will arrange it. one day lead time needed.   Specialist shop deliveries may be charged at a different rate. 

$10.00 per 100 pc or as per type. 

Turndown candy

Small Candies and or Cakes placed in the bedroom as a good night gesture. we can pick up wholesaler priced goods and deliver to your Cleaning service or you 

$2.00 per book 

Used Books

We collect gently used books and place them in your apartment. Fiction and non fiction we can find certain genres but not specific books.

books changed monthly